What does my BeastScore say about my fitness?
BeastScore is a measure of your of your overall fitness or "general physical preparedness." It says who is most capable at performing well at the "unknown and unknowable." When predicting who will perform best at whatever comes out of the hopper, put your money on the athlete with the highest BeastScore.
How do I get a BeastScore?
Just become a member and log the required 1 RMs and WOD scores.
What is a 'good' BeastScore?
Click here for example BeastScores, what is good enough for Regionals, The Games, etc.
How is BeastScore calculated?
See BeastScore 101 for how we calculate BeastScore values.
What are "fitness scores"?
BeastScore is just one of many fitness scores we calculate for athletes at The others are Olympic Total, Powerlift Total, Metcon, Endurance, Bodyweight, and Strength. BeastScore is intended to be a measure of overall fitness and other fitness scores concentrate on more focused aspects of fitness such as strength, stamina, power, speed, strength, etc.
How often are fitness score rankings updated?
Fitness score rankings are updated every 5 minutes.
Are the global and box ranks for fitness scores on the Dashboard male/female or do they include everyone?
They are gender-specific.
Where do I manage email preferences?
On the Account Settings page.
What is the membership cancellation policy?
You may cancel at any time by visiting Account Settings. If you cancel during the trial period you will not be charged. After a charge has been made, there are no refunds (full or partial).