About BeastScore.com

BeastScore Is the Answer to These Questions:

  • How fit am I?
  • How does my fitness compare to that of other athletes?
  • What are my biggest weaknesses?
  • What impact will eliminating my weaknesses have on my fitness?

BeastScore in Under 10 Words

BeastScore is used by CrossFitters to improve their fitness. (BeastScore is not affiliated with CrossFit Inc.)

BeastScore in Under 100 Words

BeastScore® is a revolutionary new tool used by CrossFitters (coaches and athletes) to measure, track, and improve fitness. By utilizing scores for eight scientifically selected 1-rep max and benchmark WODs, BeastScore measures fitness the way it's supposed to be – as total work capacity. If you're a CrossFit® athlete and ever wondered what your "work capacity across broad time and modal domains" is, this is where you find out. BeastScore is perfect for athletes and fitness coaches who are truly dedicated to improving fitness.

The best part is that measuring and tracking fitness at BeastScore.com costs just a small fraction of a typical gym membership - just $5/month (or $49/yr). We also offer gym owners access for their entire gym starting at $49/month.

A Little History

BeastScore was founded by Jason Heidecker, a NASA engineer and CrossFitter who saw that the sport was missing something important. After seeing superior athletes sandbagging in the lower division levels of a local competition, it became clear the sport needed a way to score and segment athletes of similar abilities for fairer competition (similar to weight classes in boxing and NTRP ratings in tennis). Soon after, BeastScore.com was born. Although BeastScore today is still just as useful as a basis for competition division levels, our focus has moved to helping coaches and athletes measure and track fitness.

What We Do

  • Measure fitness by calculating an individual's total work capacity, which we call "BeastScore." We also highlight more focused aspects of fitness with additional fitness scores.
  • Provide coaches with the tools necessary to measure member fitness and gauge the effectiveness of their programming.
  • Provide leaderboards where athletes can compare their fitness scores to other athletes at their box and around the world.
  • Identify weaknesses and prioritize them based on which would have the biggest impact on BeastScore and other fitness scores.

How to Use BeastScore

Step 1: Score Your Fitness

BeastScore is calculated using your scores for eight scientifically selected movements and WODs that span many training modalities and time domains in order to accurately capture your total work capacity. To learn more about how BeastScore is calculated, see BeastScore 101.

Step 2: See Where You Stand

BeastScore is a very accurate measurement of your overall development as an athlete. As they say, "there's nowhere to hide" as BeastScore includes your work capacity across many modal and time domains. Once you have your score, you can see where you stand on the leaderboards for your box and the rest of the world. We also report the percentiles for all of your scores so that you can easily identify strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3: Improve Your Fitness

We make it dead simple to identify your biggest weaknesses so you can attack and eliminate them.


Who Loves BeastScore


Quantify, Assess, Track, and Improve Your Fitness

We give athletes everything they need to quantify their fitness and identify their weaknesses so they can train with more focus and purpose.

By entering a few scores for select lifts and popular WODs, athletes receive a BeastScore and are placed on the leaderboards. The leaderboards provide a way to assess an athlete's development in the context of gender, age, weight, location, box, etc. We also make it easy to identify strengths and weaknesses with 1 RM and WOD percentiles and other fitness scores besides BeastScore.


Track Member Fitness

As a coach, how do you know if your members are actually getting fitter? With our Gym Owner accounts, coaches can see track the fitness of their members over time and see the effectiveness of specific training blocks on their BeastScore, 1-RMs, and other fitness scores like Metcon, Endurance, Bodyweight, Strength, etc. You've dedicated your life to improving the fitness of others, now you can ensure your success with BeastScore.


Base Division Levels on BeastScore

Competition committees can use BeastScore for defining division levels. This is similar to weight classes in boxing and NRTP ratings in tennis, which aim to match athletes of similar abilities. In other words, an end to sandbagging. Learn More


Build Teams with Higher BeastScores

Teams can take the guesswork out of selecting new members by utilizing BeastScore. Higher BeastScores mean more well-rounded athletes, those who are more likely to succeed at whatever is thrown at them at competition. Instead of guessing who might be the best teammate, teams can choose athletes with higher BeastScores.