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What's Your BeastScore?


  • BeastScore is the first and only measure of real fitness.
  • See how you rank for 100+ movements, WODs, lifts, and fitness scores including BeastScore.
  • Uncover your weaknesses. Discover what's really holding you back and attack it.
  • Give your entire gym access to BeastScore.com with a Gym Account.
  • Measure and track your members' real fitness with BeastScore.
  • See if your programming is having its intended effect.
  • Automate collection of member WOD scores, 1-RM lifts, and other data for analysis.

Teams can take the guesswork out of choosing members by using BeastScore. Higher BeastScores mean more well-rounded athletes, which means more likely to succeed at whatever is thrown at them at competition. So instead of guessing who might be the best teammate, teams can choose athletes with higher BeastScores.

Functional fitness competition committees can use BeastScore for defining division levels. This is similar to weight classes in boxing and NRTP ratings in tennis, which aim to match athletes of similar abilities. In other words, an end to sandbagging. Learn More

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